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Note: The best way to follow this game, if you are observing, is to go here. Because not everything is posted to the community, exactly. :)

We hope you enjoy our high school melodrama. :)


Welcome to Central Dogma, an LJ based RPG dedicated to the anime program Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Obviously, as we are not Hideaki Anno, we cannot continue to support the mytharc that was set up in the series, and indeed it is impractical for us to do so. Rather, this RPG is set upon an AU premise, one designed to allow greatest player flexibility. The RPG is slash friendly, so if slash or femmeslash bother you, please do not apply.

Premise: At some stage in Episode 24, Kaworu realised he was being used as a pawn in the struggles between NERV and SEELE, and decided not to merge with Adam. He also did this because of his growing feelings for Shinji. After the final Angel failed to materalise, NERV went into a state of standby, one that was only threatened by Seele and their plan for Instrumentality. Gendo cleverly exposed the Instrumentality Project to the world press, making him (and Nerv) look like the victim and Seele was subsequently shut down by the UN, leaving Gendo in sole charge of NERV. As there were no more sightings of Angels, it appeared the war was over, and humanity could go back to its normal business, still rebuilding from the Second Impact.
A few weeks later, Asuka recovered from her coma, after a visit to her bedside by Kaworu. It is unknown what exactly happened.
NERV was placed on permanent stand-by, the Evas were shut down. As in End of Evangelion, Gendo tried bringing back Yui by joining Adam and Lilith, but was stopped by the combined efforts of Kaworu and Rei.
Thus stopped, Gendo turned his sights to the one thing left in his grasp: the children. Now that Tokyo-3 has been rebuilt, the UN has declared it an international city, and people from all over the world are moving to live and work there, benefited by the UN’s move to Tokyo-3 as it’s chief headquarters. The old school has been rebuilt, and Gendo has sent numerous NERV staff to look out for the children there. Shinji, Rei, Kaworu, Asuka, Hikari, Toji and Kensuke are all attending the beginning of a new school year, finally free to be just children, and enjoy their first year of high school.

Information: Instead of concentrating on the typical plot of ‘angel attack’, we merely want you to bring the characters to life. As such, we will require that each player has a separate ‘character journal’ of their own, and a messaging program with a ‘character sn’ (preferably Trillian or AIM.) We want most of the action to happen in actual real time RP’ing, and logs can and should be sent to the RPG’s Yahoogroup, and will be uploaded to our website. As stated, we don’t want you to think about the character, we want you to be them. As the Angel threat has receded, you can spend lots of time focussing on your characterisation and the interpersonal relationships between characters. Also, if you’re going to take on a character, give them a reason for being there. NERV personnel will largely have positions at the school, as indicated below.

Applications: Applications must be sent to central_dogma@seishinryu.zzn.com. They must include:
a sample journal entry (see any of the characters' journals for examples)
a character profile (optional but gets you bonus points).

Obviously, we prefer to use characters from the series, but we are now considering applications for original characters. Original characters must submit a character profile with their application and sample entry.

Rules: As stated above, all characters must have their own journal/sn. You will need to be a member of the RPG Yahoogroup once accepted, so you can receive admin notices and logs.
Remember though, even if you read a log, if your character has not been told something, then it is as if it has not happened. Logs are posted for the benefit and enjoyment of other players, they are not there for you to abuse the distinction between character and player knowledge. If such cases occur, we will as the mods have to discuss the situation with you.
Powergaming is prohibited in extremis. That means you do not say or do anything that affects another character without their player’s say-so. Do not even do something on the proviso of their approval: be kind and courteous and wait till they are online and can be contacted.
We will do a sweep of the journals every three weeks. That means that yes, if you haven’t posted/commented in three weeks, we send you a warning, and if you don’t reply, we will remove your journal from the community and declare the character vacant.

Characters: Obviously, due to the premise, some characters have established relationships beyond the TV show. Rei and Kaworu recognise they are Angels (in a sense, at least), as does Gendo. We do not know what Kaworu did while visiting Asuka, or if it was this that led to her coming out of her coma. Obviously, individual players are free to work out what this means with one another, and how it will effect their playing. But please, be in character as possible. Or give reasons for why a character may be changing.

Shinji Ikari [Third Child, Ninth Grade student] – taken.
Kaworu Nagisa [Fifth Child, Ninth Grade student] – taken.
Rei Ayanami [First Child, Ninth Grade student] -taken
Asuka Langley Soryu [Second Child, Ninth Grade student] - recently opened
Toji Suzuhara [Fourth Child, Ninth Grade student] - taken
Hikari Horaki [Ninth Grade student]- taken
Kensuke Aida [Ninth Grade student]- taken
Gendo Ikari [Commander of NERV, keeps his eye on the children.] -taken
Misato Katsuragi [member of NERV staff, now teaching Physical Education to the students] - taken
Ritsuko Akagi [member of NERV staff, now Head of Science at the High School]- taken
Makoto Hyuga [member of NERV staff, still works for NERV, but also has a position at the school.]
Maya Ibuki [member of NERV staff, now Lab Assistant at the School.]
Shigeru Aoba [member of NERV staff, has a position at the school.]
Kouzou Fuyutski [Vice Commander of NERV, keeps his eye on everything.]
- taken

Obviously, you can extend the roles beyond what we’ve stated, and what exact purpose the NERV staff are doing at school, and what their orders are is something that needs to be worked out between Gendo’s player and the individual NERV players. A reminder that although SEELE is defunct, individual SEELE members (or people associated with Kaji) could pop up and stir things around. A new student or teacher may secretly have a divided loyalty. And the Evas still exist, so the power plays and political manoeuvrings can continue. We hope you take what we’ve built and run with it.
In addition to the ones listed above, original characters are welcome – and needed, but we must fill out the established characters before we will accept applications for an original one.

A final note: overarching NERV plots can be instigated by Gendo’s player, but please get approval from us as the mods and the individual NERV players, especially if the plot you’re planning is major. That goes with all story arcs, whether they be NERV or school based, and as the Gendo character is quite pivotal, we’re wanting to look for someone willing to work with the mods in setting up plot arcs. Also, if you wish to bring the Evas or the Angels back into the storyline, talk to us about it. We as the mods may occasionally throw a spanner in the works, so be prepared to react to what ever comes along. Hopefully the game will be less predictable, and we’ll have more fun.

Above all, we want people to enjoy themselves. If you think you would, please apply :)