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Trip Information.

I want this trip to be enjoyable for everyone. With that in mind I want you to feel free to do what you want to do and see the things that you want to see. However, since we will be outside the controlled environment of the school we will have be a little more careful. It would be a shame to have to cut everyone's trip short because of an unfortunate incident. There are a few simple rules students will be expected to follow:

1) All students must conduct themselves in accordance with existing school rules and in a mature and sensible manner.

2) All students must carry identification with them at all times.

3) All students must meet for the morning and evening meals.

4) All students must check in with a Chaperone at least once an hour. Pick a chaperon for the day, and continue to report to that person.

5) All students must pick a buddy and stay with that buddy for the duration of the trip. You are responsible for keeping your buddy safe. Make sure they don't get lost, or hurt them self.

6) All students will be issued a kit with a map of Sapporo, some change for an emergency phone call, phone numbers to call incase of emergency, and some other useful items. We will expect these kits back, so don't spend the change. It's there for an emergency.

If you get lost or have a similar minor emergency, call Myself or Katsuragi sensei and we will help you out. If something major occurs and you urgently need assistance, call the local emergency services but be sure to also get in touch with a chaperone as well. We will need to know what is going on.

Room assignments:

Mr Aida and Mr Nagisa.
Mr ikari and Mr Suzahara.

I hope everyone has a good time, and that the weather smiles on our trip.

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