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Welcome back everyone!

I'm sure you'd all much rather be still on holiday or in bed - I know I would!

Now, as much as I'd like to ease everyone in slowly (^_^), the schedule dropped on my desk as well as the requests for MY class schedules mean that we have to get started ASAP...

Firstly... Everyone is write up a small essay on the holiday - not what you did, but more about what your thoughts were on the meaning on Christmas and New Year to _you_. I've been reading the journals and I think the majority of you can do _this_ assignment as easily as pie.

Secondly: Since it's cold outside and subject to snow, all Phys Ed activities will be indoors for the next few weeks. I'd like to hear suggestions about what sports, games and other activities people would like to do during this period. I'll still be teaching the self defence course, but only once a week now.

Thirdly: It has been suggested that we now have two class reps so that if one is away then the other can take over the jobs. So Hikari, you're going to get a 'deputy'! We'll hold votes on this in the next few days.

Finally: I have been asked to remind you all that this is a fresh New Year and we should approach it with a moral spirit and not repeat the incidents of last year (not my words, guys!!).

Welcome back to school! ^^
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