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[OOC: Up until now our RP logs have only been available on our yahoo group, which means that only the players get to read them. At least one other lj RPG posts its logs on lj where everyone can read them.

So, here I'm gonna give the public method a trial run. Here's the RP log between Fuyutsuki and Rei:]

Fuyutsuki's office remains barren. There is still nothing on the walls, although there is now slightly more paper accumulated on the desk.

Rei stands silent and still, just inside the door, her hands clasped behind her back.

Fuyutsuki looks up from the paper he has been skimming. "Sit down."

'Hai.' Rei's voice is barely above a whisper, and she folds herself stiffly into a chair.

"You have meddled in NERV affairs that do not concern you, you have willfully compromised NERV security, and you have brought a civilian into restricted NERV facilities." Fuyutsuki puts down his paper. His voice is still calm and emotionless. "I did not expect such foolish disobedience from you."

Rei does not say anything, neither confesses nor denies, only watches him impassively.

"I'm sure you understand how serious your transgressions are. Ideally you would be arrested and placed in detainment, however that is no longer practical. Instead, your access priviledges to NERV facilities have been terminated."

"NERV will continue to be your guardian, and you will continue to remain under NERV jurisdiction, but you may no longer enter any part of headquarters unless under escort." Fuyutsuki sighs.

"Now, I expect it was you who determined your route into NERV, but none of you could have forged the security codes that gave you access." Fuyutsuki draws out another sheet of paper "Your friend Aida has already refused to tell me who helped you. I expect more from you." pausing to make eye contact with Rei "Tell me who inside NERV helped you."

Rei just looks at him, unfazed. Her voice is soft, subdued, the tone of it has not changed as long as he has known her, although the girl herself has. "No one. Only me."

Fuyutsuki slouches slightly in his chair, and replaces the paper he was holding. "Rei, Aida has already admited to having an accomplice." his mouth tightens. "You must think NERV has gone entirely to seed if you expect this individual will remain hidden."

"He doesn't know," Rei answers, still disturbingly calm. She lifts her chin, straightens her shoulders. "I have been part of NERV since I was...born. I am the prototype pilot. I do not need an accomplice."

Fuyutsuki narrows his eyes. "That is not likely." giving up on his random sheets of paper, he rests his arms on the desk, hands clasped together. His voice is level, but the steel in it has come closer to the surface. "I have more interviews to conduct. If I still have not found my answer, then I will return to you. There are further consequences to consider here."

"If Aida has behaved himself then you may not know this, but he is facing expulsion. You and Shinji Ikari will be taken into NERV custody, and will be subjected to interogation by the intelligence department." then, adding with a forced air of indifference "Aida will be the first to receive his second chance, and perhaps his second punishment."

Rei stiffens, her face blanker than usual even for her, but there is a glint in her red eyes a little too like an Eva unit's for comfort. "I am the one who organised this. Whether you choose to believe me or not makes no difference." And almost as an afterthought: "The seventeenth Angel is no longer bedridden in your custody. I would consider this before taking Ikari-kun anywhere."

Fuyutsuki stares at Rei for a long moment. He smiles briefly without humour. "I think you are taking advantage of my tollerance for liars. There are places where your lies could cost you your life." sighing he pulls back again, placing his hands palm down on the table. "This organization is not built upon considerations of context. Our laws have always been absolute, and they continue to be, even in their watered down form."

"You have received very mild punishment for your crimes, as has Aida, and as will Ikari. This is largely because you managed to do no serious harm. If, however, you all continue to resist in pointing out your inside help, there is further punishment that awaits you. None of this is up for debate." Fuyutsuki sighs again. "Do you understand?"

Rei stands, graceful, like a drop of water spilling upward. Her face and voice are nearly expressionless, but it makes her words more chilling for all that. "You and the Commander seem to believe that you are still controlling the world, that you pull the strings from behind the curtain of NERV. You must surely realise you have lost control, that neither the Evas nor the Angels, nor the pilots, will be controlled anymore."

Fuyutsuki does not move. His voice carries some anger for the first time. "You have gravely misappraised us if you feel you are beyond our reach. Your insolence may have very grave consequences for all of you yet." he makes an exasperated sound, and his voice is emotionless again "I can understand why Aida and Ikari would attempt something like this, but not you. What made you think it was worth all these consequences?"

She smiles--a sad smile, a pitying smile, the smile of a parent who is disappointed in the behaviour of a child. "For Kaworu-kun, of course."

Fuyutsuki is unphased. "Give me your access card. You are dismissed."

Without a word, Rei pulls her access card from her wallet and places it on the desk.

"You may go." Fuyutsuki's shoulders sag slightly, and he begins tidying his desk, but his stoic expression does not change.

Rei turns, crosses to the door, but she turns back just as she's about to go. It looks for a moment as if she is about to speak, but decides against it, and reaches into her school bag.

She pads back across the office to the desk, something closed in her hand. A pause, and she sets a pair of broken glasses onto the desk in front of him. Without a word, she turns away again, to disappear out the door.

Fuyutsuki picks up the glasses between index finger and thumb. His voice is quiet "It seems we have lost you, Rei."
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