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Sapporo Class Trip

Hello all!

I have now received all the permission slips needed and have booked us on the shinkansen for Friday 7th of February and also booked the accommodation.

I have had quite a few questions about what the weather is like in Hokkaido... Answer: Cold! Cold! Bring along your warm Winter gear and be prepared for snowy conditions. We're unlikely to be hit by a blizzard, but there will be snow on the ground and it'll be chilly.

It is also a good idea to bring some extra money for things like the special Hokkaido meals and souvenirs.

I trust you'll all be on your best behaviour and along us teachers to enjoy the trip as well!

Ritsuko, I apologise for being so snappy in my last message. I really am pleased that you are coming as well... you and I haven't really had a chance to talk for a while and I'm hoping that we can do that while we're away... in a more relaxed setting.

And besides, I think you will find the festival quite interesting... even if you don't like crowds! Naomi tells me that there are plenty of places to be alone if you wish to be.
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