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Giving up.

Misato, we need you to talk to Akagi-sensei for us. Asuka and Horaki are going to come over later and talk to you. We don't know what else to do. We just can. not. do. the. assignment.

Even after Aida even snagged some...er...hard-to-find NERV documents. Didn't help us at all.

In fact, the only thing that did happen today is that Suzuhara finally asked Horaki out.

Shinji and I were up almost all night last night studying this stuff. I can so think of better ways we could have spent that time. :p
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So we became something of a topic of conversation and we've been going out for.. today? It may have been a sentence, but still. I could see this coming, but I don't mind. I knew it was going to be mentioned, though..
Ne, Horaki, if everybody's going to know all the details of my personal life, I reserve the right to distract them by talking about yours. ;)
Nagisa-kun.. what you just said isn't really fair and nice, you know. Since when do Touji-chan.. Suzuhara-kun, I mean.. and I talk about your personal life..?
Oh, sure. Suzuhara would never talk about my personal life. :p

I don't see what you're worried about, anyway. Told you yesterday we think it's cute.
Touji would n-- okay. So he might. Good point.. and I guess I see what you're saying.
Okay, Kaworu I'll try talking to her again... the reply to my first query wasn't exactly helpful... I may have missed Asuka and Hikari - I went out with Maya, but I'll definitely be around tomorrow. I suggest that you all gather some decent arguements together and concerns... it'd be a good idea if you can present that to her, it _might_ help...

Argument 1: We, collectively, don't understand the question, let alone how to answer it. We've almost got all the terms defined, but no real idea how they go together.

Argument 2: We're pretty sure that the inner workings of the Magi system qualify as 'classified information.'

Argument 3: And even if it doesn't, does she really want us knowing exactly how they work?

Just...some thoughts.

Thanks, Misato. :)