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Kouzou Fuyutsuki

[Shinji has been called to Fuyutsuki's office at the school.]
Fuyutsuki's office is still mostly empty. The desk now has one pile of paper, and a small notebook computer. Fuyutsuki is typing something up while he waits for his next interviewee.

Shini tenatively knocks on the door, popping his head in when there's no response. "Uh. Sir? You wanted to see me?"

Fuyutsuki looks up, folding his laptop shut. "Yes. Come in and sit down."

Shinji clears his throat nervously, and runs a finger around his collar, which suddenly feels too tight as he shuffles in and sits down.

Fuyutsuki looks slightly more tired and weary than usual. "I assume you know why you're here."

Shinji nods, his posture getting stiffer and more defiant. "Because we rescued Kaworu," he says softly.

Fuyutsuki sighs. "Unfortunately, Nagisa was not in need of rescuing. You are lucky that you didn't end up killing him when you removed him from NERV's care."

"Because you have shown that you cannot be trusted, your NERV security priviledges have been revoked. You may no longer enter NERV headquarters except under escort."

Shinji looks at him plainly. "And I am supposed to be worried by this how?"

Fuyutsuki weaves his fingers together and sits very still as he speaks. His voice is slow and tense. "Of course. But now I have an important question for you, and I ask you to bear in mind that NERV is not powerless yet. Who within NERV provided you with the forged access codes you used to enter our facilities?"

Shinji shrugs. "I don't know. There was an anonmyous email."

Fuyutsuki nods, "I see." he stares for a moment at Shinji. "I don't suppose I expected any of you to volunteer this information. I will continue my investigation, but if I cannot find the answer, I will return to you three."

"We cannot allow this security breach to remain hidden. Should it become necessary, Aida will be expelled from this school. You and Ayanami will be taken into NERV custody to be interogated by the intelligence department."

Shinji shrugged again. "So you'll use us, as you always did."

Fuytuski raises his voice slightly "Ikari, I don't know what expectations you have from NERV, but you have committed crimes, and as such, you are a criminal. We offer leniancy if you cooperate, and a harsher punishment if you do not." he pauses, and his voice lowers "NERV placed its trust in you, and you have betrayed NERV."

Shinji snorts and stands out of the chair. "NERV never placed anything in me, especially not trust. NERV used me and every other pilot, no matter what that did to us or what our orders we. The end justified the means to NERV....I have no reason to trust anything you say," he said, voice cold and ringing with steel.

Fuyutsuki relaxes. He sounds vaguelly amused "You're acting quite brave for someone under investigation for trespassing on top secret government property." holding out his hand, the little amusement washes out of his voice. "Give me your security card."

Shinji takes it out of his trouser pocket and lays in flat on the desk. "Anything else?"

Fuyutsuki lowers his hand, "No. You may go." he flips open his laptop, and waits for Shinji to leave.

Shinji takes a deep breath and turns, closing the door behind him.

Fuyutsuki grunts quietly to himself and resumes his typing.
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